Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Open Eyes Mommy, Open Eyes

That's how I'm greeted just about every morning. VERY early every morning. A sweet little whisper, right in my face, saying "open eyes Mommy, open eyes". Zachery requires significantly LESS sleep than his Mommy. Sometimes he mixes it up with "juice Mommy, go downstairs, juice Mommy". Translation..."Mommy, lets go downstairs and get some juice." Sometimes I can fake sleep long enough that Brian "go downstairs, get juice" and I can sneak in a few extra minutes. But mostly we are walking around in a perpetual state of tired-ness. Thank goodness for that hot coffee I talked about yesterday. While it is a very sweet whisper and thinking about it makes me smile all over.....some days I just wish he would sleep in! I know he will one day....probably too soon, I might add. They do grow up too fast, you know. The teenager we have living in this house sleeps plenty late now. So here's to sweet whispers, coffee and NAPS!
I'll end with this....the FAITH that Zachery will drag me out of bed again tomorrow morning way too early, the HOPE that I get a nap today and the LOVE I feel when I hear those sweet early morning whispers.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My family lives.....

out of town. Well I'm the one who moved, so maybe I'm the one who lives out of town. At any rate...I've decided to start this little blog to share about our daily life. And to record the things worth remembering that I can so easily forget. My family is amazing and I hope to share their amazing-ness with you!

My cute little idea is to tie all these little blogs together with a common theme of "faith, hope & love". So I have Faith that you won't laugh at my blogging attempt :-), Hope that I will be able to eventually put some great pictures here and today I'm in Love with hot coffee on a cold morning!