Thursday, January 6, 2011

What Else Can I Do?

I was a broken, hurt, empty shell walking through life pretending everything was okay.

My mouth, my face, my actions would say "I'm doing great". But my heart, my emotions, my being was wandering stranded out in the desert of nothingness, searching for worth and purpose and life.

In one simple act of desperation.... "I can't go on like this anymore, please save me."

You rushed in.

You gently picked up my heart, put it back into my shell.

You extravagantly loved me...when I didn't even know what love was.

You filled my brokenness with hope.

You healed my hurt with your sweet love.

You showed me my value, my worth.

You said no longer will the outside lie about the inside.

You taught me how to trust by never failing me.

You delivered me from addiction.

You unlocked the cage around my life with forgiveness.

You brought freedom to my spirit by teaching me to forgive.

And still You take me's not just fixing the broken.

It's crafting a new vessel.

You put dreams inside me.

You put belief that I can make a difference.

You say open your mind and your eyes, there's more, there's deep significance out there.

The broken, hurt, empty shell is no more.

What can I ever say or ever do to thank you or repay you?


What else can I do then, but offer this new heart, new life back to you?

What else can I do but be completely surrendered to You?

Monday, January 3, 2011

As a lover of You!

This song tore out my heart this morning. So I'm sharing it with you and I pray it does the same for you. Oh, that we could ever understand the love Jesus, the King, has for us. Oh, that we could ever return just a fraction of that love to Him. This is my hearts prayer that His fire and jealous flame consumes all that keeps me from being a totally abandoned lover of God!

Come break the chains,

The chains that hinder love.

All that remains of yesteryear.

Come break the chains,

The chains that pull me down.

Come break the chains and draw me near.

Let Your fire burn consuming me,

Let Your jealous flame

Come take away everything!

Let Your fire burn consuming me,

Let Your jealous flame

Come write Your name upon my heart,

Until all that remains

Is the Light of Your countenance

And I will be satisfied when I awaken

As a lover of You!

Who is this is garments stained red

Who is this crowns on His head

Who is this He running like a lion

Who is this He's roaring from Zion,

He's roaring from Zion

Who is this King of glory

He is mighty to save all who call on His name

In righteousness He is mighty to save

He's mighty to save all who call on His name

But woe to the enemy

Of the King on His Wedding day

But woe to the enemy

Of the King on His Wedding day

All of your judgments... are just and true.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I used to make a lot of resolutions. All the classics like lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more. Or some different ones like spend more time with family, remember friends and family's birthdays. But, like a lot of people, the resolutions usually went out the window by Valentine's Day. Plenty of good intentions but very little follow through.

This year, I'm trying a new thing. I like new things. A fresh perspective on an old idea. How about this... An UNresolution.

Here's my list of UNresolutions:

1. I break my resolution to engage in critical, negative thinking and speaking. Out the window goes the words "I can't", "I could never" and other similar statements and thoughts.

2. I break my resolution to be in control of everything. This is a difficult one for me, but in the end I know I'm not in control and trying to pretend I am only separates me from the One who is.

3. I break my resolution to worry. Again, not easy. But worry, like wanting to be in control, just causes separation between me and God.

4. I break my resolution to relive my past. I am a new creation in Christ and focusing on my past mistakes and heartbreaks negates the price Jesus paid for me.

5. I break my resolution to see my future through my own eyes. That's much too small! Instead I think I'll use God's vision for my future this year.

I think I'll end there. I'm sure I could go on and on, but a small, manageable list is usually best for me.

What about you? Is there anything you want to unresolve for this year? I'd love to hear about it.