Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Robot Parades & White Prizes

Life with an almost 3 year is crazy. Especially an imaginative 3 year old. This little one of mine is seriously mad at me today.....all because of a robot parade. Here's the conversation....I'm checking email and I hear: "Mommy, I watch Robot Parade!!" What? "I watch Robot Parade!" Really confused now, I ask Zach what is a robot parade. "Mommy, I.WATCH.ROBOT.PARADE!" Okay, I have no idea what a robot parade is Zach, show me, where is it? "I mad, Mommy" "I watch Robot Parade!" He got up, turned off the TV, went to the stairs, sat down on the bottom step, crossed his arms, said "I mad" "I watch robot parade!" I'll never know, I guess!

I talked to my Mom this morning, she tells me the conversation she had with Zach last night on the phone(I was at work). Zach gets on the phone and says to her "Grandma, you come my house, bring me prize, a white one". Good luck, Grandma, trying to figure out *which* white prize to bring!

Typing the end of that 1st paragraph, Zach comes running into the living room, saying in a sing-song voice....."Moooommmmeeee, guess whaaattt?" I say, "Whhhaaaatttt?" his reply.... "It's a beeeeuuuutttful sunneeeee daaaaaay" I just had to pick him up and squeeze him till he squealed! So darn cute. Off to go play in our "beeuuutttful sunneeee daaaay".