Monday, February 16, 2009

Home Sweet Home

The move to NC has been better than I expected. Now, I didn't expect to sit around homesick for GA for years or anything. I just figured I'd really miss a healthy way. And I do miss seeing my friends & family like I did before I moved. But NC has been good to us, to me. Our church is awesome. Our house and neighborhood are great. But one of the neatest things is that I've made some really good friends so far.
A few Friday's ago(2/13/09) was one of the reasons I love living in the South! It's February....most people are cold, not us in NC! Friday was a beautiful spring day in NC. The sky was crystal clear Carolina Blue, a few fluffy clouds floating around, the sun was just right to warm our faces, the temp was a wonderful 70 degrees! So I & my fellow playgroup Moms decided to have playgroup at the park. "Playgroup" is a group of several Moms who have children of similar age and we meet once a week for the children to play and the Moms to commiserate. The children make friends quickly & have lots of fun. We Moms---well, it gives us a break and a place to find some sanity. We chat about preschool & potties & what funny thing our kids have done lately, we vent about our frustrations, and we share many cups of coffee.'s what keeps us going!
Enjoy a few pictures of our fun park day and meet some of my new friends! This isn't everyone...a few Mom's were busy that day and couldn't make it.

Becky w/ Sara, Julie & Samanta

Brandon, Sam's son

Richard, Sam's son

Alex, Becky's son

Sara, Becky's daughter

Zachery, he's MINE!