Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Total Randomocity of Thoughts

Just some random thoughts that crossed through my mind today..........
  • so I wonder if I could convince God that I'm comfortable with being uncomfortable, will He then make me comfortable so I will be uncomfortable?  HA!  I think I've found a God loop-hole! (yeah right!!)
  • sometimes when I see a pregnant woman, I miss being pregnant...not that I want to have another baby but the whole bunch of awesome-ly cool things that happen when you're pregnant, I miss that a little
  • tonight at work, I had 2 sets of guests(different tables) both with close the exact check total...one was $20.21 the other was $21.29.  One guest tipped me 79cents....SERIOUSLY???  The other tipped me $10...YAY!!!  But sometimes that kind of stuff makes me go hmmmm???  I just laughed at the 79cent tip.  And I'm glad I don't depend on the guests that sit at my tables to be my provider...My God is my provider and He takes very good care of me!
  • I meant to buy coffee on the way home from work tonight....ooops.  I'll miss my coffee in the morning.
Pretty sure there's a lot more randomness rumbling around this brain...but I'm tired so my brain hurts. 

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